Across the North Taranaki Bight

S and I drove from Auckland to New Plymouth this afternoon. A pleasant enough drive, and we saw countryside that we usually do not see. Much has been seen repeatedly over many years. However, the closer we got to New Plymouth, the more it was that we were in places we had not been for more than 40 years; not since we spent a year in New Plymouth.

After a long winding road from the southern Waikato through the hills and a long gorge, we reached the coast at Awakino at the very north end of the North Taranaki Bight. I caught sight of the water and told S to look out for it, without saying what she was looking for. As we came around the side of a hill beside the coast, she saw Taranaki sitting perfectly formed across the water. 

We stopped and I went to get a photo. I wanted the waves in the photo, so clambered down a moderate bank to the sand and noticed the posts. The photo was decided for me with that sight. I waited for the right wave and this is the result.

EmmaF has drawn my attention to the posts of many concerned members about the silence from Blipcentral and this apparently includes no replies to emails etc. Like everyone else, I will be very sad if this site does not continue. I would like to keep my words as well as my photos; the photos are safely stored and backed up by me. My words are scattered, and I am tempted to leave them strewn. My replies to the posts and remarks of my blip friends would not be easy to find, and would take me too long and if I still think that way (which I'm sure I do) why do I need to recall the exact words I used in one context some time ago?

What I do want to keep, is the contact I have made with so many wonderful people. One or two I've met. Others I have exchanged an email or two with. Most of you I do not have any other means of contacting you. Anyone who has a wish to contact me can use my email address;

Ceridwen suggested a flickr account. Perhaps I will do that if blipfoto does actually fold. I can't see me having the time to do both. I do occasionally post on a Facebook page limited more or less to family members. I guess that may be an option.

I hope that the concerns are unfounded as I will miss "seeing" you each day.

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