Arnside and beyond

By gladders

The last post?

Well, it's official, Blipfoto is in liquidation, and now we are on borrowed time.

So I thought I would use this opportunity to post a back blip.  Gus has featured in a lot of blips in the last 27 months, but he and I have never appeared together.  In fact, I have only appeared in one other blip of mine - I shall always be happier behind the lens than in front of it.

This photograph breaks the old Blipfoto rules, but there is no-one out there to care any more.  It was taken by Dr T and not me.  It was taken on an old Olympus digital camera that I persuaded him to buy before a holiday we had in the Pyrenees (and he has been blaming me ever since for its limitations).  One of its limitations is no Exif data, so I have no clue whether I have picked the right date or not.  It was in the week beginning 1st June, that's all I know.

Anyway, I wanted a blip with Gus while there is still time to post one.  This journal has followed his progress since he first arrived with us on 27 December 2012, a nervous little bundle in the back of a small Fiat crammed in with his dominant and confident brother.  Ever perceptive Wifie had fallen in love with him at first sight, and he with her when by chance or celestial design (anything's possible) they bumped into each other on the top of Arnside Knott.  Since then, this has become as much his journal as mine, if he wasn't in the starring role, he was always there behind the scenes, almost every blip since that day was taken on a walk with Gus.

Here we are on the Taff Trail in South Wales.  Dr T will be annoyed with me for not being more precise about location, and the significance of the old railway bridge in the background.  He did tell me, but I've forgotten.  More interesting was Gus's behaviour when we first arrived in Abercynon and got the bikes out to ride the trail to Merthyr and beyond.  When we started cycling, Gus panicked, he didn't recognise us on the bikes, and started running up to other people looking for us.  But then he realised we were transformers, and he trotted along with us for 20 miles there and back.  He is the most adorable creature, and I shall miss writing about his little adventures here.

So, if this is farewell, it's been a blast.  This place and its community has become an essential part of my daily life, it contains the framework of my memories and experience over nearly five years.  I shall miss Blipfoto and all of you blippers more than I can ever say.

I've decided not to migrate to 365Project, not yet anyway.  I want time out to reflect and decide what to do next with all that spare time I shall have.  I might work on improving my photography skills, I have become stuck in a  bit of a groove.  I might tame the wilderness in the garden.  I might add a bit more distance to Gus's walks.

Don't forget, if anyone does want to get in touch, my dedicated Blip email address is on my Profile page.  I would love to convert virtual friendships into real life ones.

Now to start downloading all my blips while there is still time.

ps I think I have my eyes closed in this. I also completely forgot that in the distant blip past I did 8 self portraits for Life.turns.

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