Take Me I'm Yours

Blimey who would have thought it eh? Blip getting into trouble and then luckily a buyer just happened to be there to pick up the pieces. Genius, it is almost as if it was foretold in the stars.

I bought this camera for H years ago when we were in the midst of selling our company to some investors from the USA. 'This time next year you'll be Millionaires' was the message. We nearly were, if the dotcom crash had not happened we'd have been sitting on a pretty large lump of cash. Alas it did and as a result we got some first hand experience of liquidations, takeovers, buyouts, sellins, corporate legal teams and more or less everything else you can think of. Most of it is painful and quite unpleasant. Untruths have to be told, wool has to be pulled, there are times when you find yourself completely at odds with everything you believe in. The thing to remember is that money has to be made. As soon as the blip team went full time the rules changed. Genie out of the bottle etc... 

I've had contact with a few of the blip team over the years and I really hope they are looked after.  

Anyway here we are, it'll be official by the end of the week. I suspect very little will change apart from the fact we might actually be allowed to buy some photobooks which might actually have a decent layout.

I have to say that I was not going to do the #blipfotoforever thing however on reflection I think it is a good thing to do, but not for blip or Joe, but for the blippers. So more like #blippersforever. 
Although a lot of rubbish has been spouted over the last week or so, and there has been a ton of ridiculous hyperbole (with the odd bit from me) it does show what a great community blip is. As many have said this week, don't jump ship we are the value. Let's see what happens. Who knows what alternatives might be in place by then......

Speaking of alternatives, I had another option. Clearly not aimed at the good blipping folks!

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