I haven't posted a blip photo for a few days so when I logged in tonight, I was shocked to learn that the blipfoto we blippers have come to know and cherish, may soon be no more.

I see that this #blipfotoforever declaration has brought forth many of us who have never shared our own images in such a bold fashion - arms outstretched, bodies open, vulnerable, exposed; and beautiful faces, so many beautiful faces, almost all them smiling!

Over my past 3+ years as a blipper, I've tried to post a photo everyday, but sometimes life came along and just grabbed the camera right out of my hand. Despite not having a suitable blip photo at times, I would still visit my favorite journals. I can't tell you how often the words or images would put a smile on my face, or fill me with inspiration. 

Blipfoto is on the eve of going through some changes and each of us will either adapt or move on. 

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