Mr. HCB and I have been out today for looking for a new car and hopefully will be having our “new baby” sometime next week - exciting times!

When we were looking “under the bonnet” of the car, Mr. HCB remarked on how much things have changed.  He said that "in the good old days”, years ago, he would have done his own servicing, changed exhausts and anything else necessary, but nowadays everything is so tightly packed into the engine compartment that special tools are needed to do anything and these are just not available to “the common man” - which is where garages make their money, I guess.

On the way back from our little trip, we called into our favourite Farm Shop and Cafe at Cholderton and as it was quite late, decided that we would have a meal and a piece of cake as lunch, tea and supper - which I didn’t object to, as it will save me cooking tonight.  Thanks to James and Katie for making us so welcome - well worth a visit if you are anywhere near - and just tell them the Post-it Lady sent you!!

The hens and cockerels were wandering around and I took quite a few photographs of them, but thought after what we had been saying earlier, this would make a good blip today.  These two guys were certainly getting “under the bonnet” of this old tractor and their hands looked rather dirty - by the looks of those overalls, it will take a lot of scrubbing and some strong biological washing powder to get the stains out!  

What a beautiful day it’s been and I even managed to get a half-decent photograph of the eclipse this morning, but I thought that there would be lots of photographs of that on Blip today, so decided on this one.

Have a great weekend, fellow blippers.

“I wish there was a way to know 
you're in the good old days 
before you've actually left them.” 

Andy Bernard

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