wait just one more shot

By Susanbmathew

Keep on blipping on........

500 ok it's taken longer than I thought but,.......it's here!
I love this crazy ( wonky) community. I have met wonderful people, laughed a lot, learned more and been touched in so many ways.
Everyday I check in and read about your days. We cry, laugh, worry and get just a little pissed of together. Yeah that's a reference to the wonky, blurry granny cat pictures post out there. We rally for each other and are here day after day. Some people come, some go........when I say that I feel the sadness of loss just as I would any friend..
I love sharing your days and in turn sharing mine. My friends are all over the world. We are all so different and on the other hand the same. While I freeze under 4 feet of snow, up north, others are sweating up a storm down under and we share these experiences. On the coldest day I can close my eyes and imagine the sun. In four months, the opposite will be true! I see spring flowers and know there is hope for the future!
In the past month we have ridden the blip roller coaster together. If I have learned anything it's that blip is about the people not the website. We will find each other no matter where we go. I do believe we will be ok.
Until then we will continue and help each other laugh, cry, and worry..... And be there for each other.
I am so proud to be part of this community.
When people criticize this community, I am reminded of so much. I think of the people who blip through illness, Deaths, traumas, joys, frustrations, life changes, and most importantly ....humor.
I love Blipfoto. Ok I know but, it will always be Blipfoto to me.

On another note, today was Maine Maple Syrup Sunday. we
( my friend Patty and myself) headed out early to Limerick to Hill Top Boilers. We ate pancakes, bought syrup and froze our bums off. we also went to my favorite brewery ..Gneiss brewery and I refilled my growler with awesome stout. Yeah that's right I know the cool terminology.
I found this old school bus in a yard in Limerick and loved it. I added the 500. Right now I have five different pictures with 500 on them I liked this one the best.
As I sign off it occurs to me that I will update my bio. Ok maybe later. It also occurs to me that it's getting late and 4am is early!
So good evening up north and G'Day Downunder!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my journal and sharing my crazy life. I love your comments.

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