Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


After long days at work for everyone involved (except possibly Jessica), we all met up at Vivaldi on the other side of town for my birthday dinner. The restaurant is gorgeous with a Michelin star chef and beautiful views, but sadly, just a tad too dark!! This picture is actually taken with a flash and still quite dark - so apologies. I just wanted to record a lovely, pleasant evening with my friends - most of whom I have now known for over 15 years! [That's good for a transient place like Dubai.]

AND... surprise!! I was given a Pandora's bracelet as a gift! :D  [Just one of the many amazing presents I have received this year!]

AND... as I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon, I can report that SweetArt had a very successful operation, is fine and the doctor is very happy with the result. More from her later as she is still blipping!!!

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