Mrs S and I have been meaning to plan a spa day since the Christmas before last. Today was the day!!
We went to Stoke Park Spa near Stoke Poges and it was just amazing!
There was tea and relaxing followed by a wonderful hour long Sleep Deeply massage. I was practically unconscious when I stumbled off the heated massage couch and out into the relaxation room. I could barely lift the fruit platter, water jug and Conde Nast travel magazine!
We had a lounge by the pool before lunch - the biggest club sandwich I've ever seen and an even more massive pile of chips. Yummy!
I could barely manage half of it which is very unusual!
But I did manage to polish off the delicious lemon tart which followed.
We had a swim and another lounge before treatment number two - the best facial I have ever had! During the massage earlier I was very relaxed but was quite alert and thinking about things. Randomly I spent a lot of the time trying to remember the character Tamsin Grieg played in The Archers. During the facial I went into a trance. It was amazing!!! I don't think I fell asleep but the whole thing was like a dream.
Once again it was very difficult to stumble off the lovely heated bed and out onto the huge comfy sofas!!
It was such a shame to have to leave. It was so lovely to spend a child free day with Mrs S just chatting and relaxing.
But real life beckoned and I had to zoom up the M40 to Banbury to meet the Little Misses and Nana in McDonalds. My mum had kindly picked them up from school and taken Miss E to gymnastics. 
While Miss E was in there Nana and Miss L went for a lovely walk with Maisie around the fields. Then they all went to McDonalds and were giddy to eat in and be allowed to sit on the high tables which mean Mummy doesn't let them sit on.
Home for an early night. All this relaxing is exhausting!!!

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