What tha?

I've spent most of this day trying to keep my head down. The cold is worse and I am not really enjoying it, just so you know. Arvin keeps asking what we are doing today and I keep answering, "nothing." Finally I decided a walk to the mailbox would be good for both of us. The day was sunny and not too cold. So we picked up our mail and then continued on a walk down the alley where our house is. And we found... this! Not exactly what we expected. It is parked behind one of the houses in our neighborhood. Kind of fun really.

Ric came and replaced the cat bathroom sink. Two down and one to go. Seems when a house turns 25 as ours will soon, things start popping up that need to be fixed or replaced. Lucky we have Ric for a friend and a handy man too.

I'm doing the wash and that is about all, except for printing out some stuff I want to be sure to bring along on our trip. Not a very exciting day but quiet and restful. I guess that's what I need right now.

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