By tookie

Boots for Cowboy

A collage of part of our day....starring Cowboy with his new "mud boots" from a post dinner romp at Marymoor Park .  He found the muck and came gleefully blasting back with a grin on his face.  He loves to run thu muck!  
  After picking up my dear friend KB from the airport we went home to a delicious meal prepared by Big R expecially for her.  He made clam chowder, crab cakes, dips for the crab cakes, baked potato fries from a colophon cafe recipe, fresh greens salad and a relish tray with his homemade pickles.  for dessert he made a chocolate salami he had learned to make from an Italian cooking class.  After the park romp we all collapsed with wine and rest!  A lovely day.
Thanks for the many lovely comments, stars and hearts on my Mt Baker photo from yesterday!  Much appreciated...I will be slowing getting comments returned this week as lots of sharing with KB here will be going on!!!!

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