Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

London Skyline

It was up at 7am to get the 8.0am speedboat to Malé Airport to get our 11am plane to Dubai. After this four hour flight, and landing at Dubai, we were on our Airbus 380 flight back to Heathrow London. The plane was delayed nearly an hour as only one runway was open.

Our flight was due to land about 8.15pm but we ended up circling over London for about 20 minutes, which was fine by me, as I was able to grab some London Skyline pictures. It's not easy on these jumbo planes as the windows are about 12" thick and the cabin lights are on so reflections are a pain. I got a very nice close up of the London Eye but as I've blipped that before, so went for The Isle Of Dogs, numerous skyscrapers (Canary Wharf), The O2 arena, and if you look towards the centre you can see the red London Eye.

After landing it was an age before we got our suitcases and then the bus back to the Business Car park took about 45 minutes instead of 15. The traffic around Heathrow at 10.30pm was horrific. As I was tired we ended up stopping in an M4 service area for a nap. We eventually got home about 2am, nearly 24 hours on the move. Holiday travelling is tiring. One of the downsides if you want to see places!

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