Pasadena City Hall

Yesterday I flew to LA for a long 5-day trip with work.  In yesterday's blip I reported the drama of my missing crew bag.  My colleague's bag turned up at the hotel at 4am, after having been re-routed via Washington DC, but no one seemed to know where my bag was.  I spent most of the morning in my hotel room making numerous phone calls, sending emails and updating my lost luggage report.  

To add to my misery, early in the morning my iPhone stopped working.  I've had occasional and ongoing problems with it turning itself off and not coming back on for several hours (I've since learned this was a typical problem of the 4S), but I could tell that this time was different because the power button seemed stuck completely.  So I had to make all those calls via a calling card, and each call is a time-consuming hassle.  

So finally in the afternoon, I trotted down to the local Apple Store to get some advice and was told that my phone looked completely 'gone'.  It looked like I was going to have to buy another one.  My iPhone was getting dated anyway, so it was probably time, but I could have really done without that on top of my missing luggage issue!  I also wasn't sure which one I wanted (the iPhone 6 or the much larger 6 plus), so I decided to do some research and think about it overnight and go back the next day.  

[The young woman who helped me in the Apple store was having a hard time advising me of which iPhone to get.  She said that she can usually advise or predict exactly which one a customer should get based on a few things they say about themselves, but when she listened to my 'needs', she laughed and said she'd never met a customer like me - I had a foot in each camp and she had no idea which one would be best for me!]

After the visit to the Apple Store I went to H&M and bought another couple more items of clothing since it looked as if my bag wasn't going to show up anytime soon.  Finally, I enjoyed a delicious Japanese meal before heading back to the hotel, hoping that my bag would have appeared while I was gone.  Still no bag.  

The plot thickens….the next episode of my black comedy is tomorrow!

This picture is of the beautiful Pasadena City Hall which I love to walk around when I am staying here.  It was built in 1927 and in 2004 it was vacated for 3 years in order to undergo a complete retrofit, including lifting it up off of its foundations in order to build new foundations and protect it from future earthquakes.  The building features in various movies and TV shows. 

Forgive me, Blipfoto - I did not actually take this picture today (Mon the 30th) as my phone is my camera.  But if I HAD had my phone working this would have been the picture for today.  

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