Stained glass

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the butterflies and bees are buzzing! We went to Bantry market this morning and indulged in a few treats - little green Greek olives, local cheese with a very skinny layer of seaweed running through the middle, apple tartlets, a new doormat.....

Then we went for walk down to the Crimea! Yes, this townland is really called that, after warring neighbours apparently. I wanted to take another photo of the recently restored Tadg Carthy's house - I wanted an image with a bit more light but the front of the house was in shadow. The back view was looking good though. Inside is dark and damp but little oil lamps have been placed hither and thither to make it feel more homely. This one seems very upmarket.

What fantastic and varied entries for the last DT Challenge until the Autumn. Nearly 100 of them! There were milkrooms and cement factories, graves and birdbaths, cobwebby chandeliers and folded newspapers, a salami manufacturer, an anderson shelter, old bikes and industrial bits and pieces, an aviation spat (!), an ambulance station, castles and fine houses, tumble down cottages and saggy sheds, a bird cage, forlorn little windows, railways stations and tracks leading nowhere, a slurry lorry, wrecks, piers, an entire street, a monks' laundry, part of the former West German border and Stonehenge!

Ferociously difficult to choose. Himself has allowed me to have his quota this week too so I am doing 10 faves!! ( 5 of you will have to wait until tomorrow for the arrival of hearts). In no particular order: 

Derelict Thursday by Electric Fish - this was once such a beautiful building, all those details and such rich colours.
Breaking Through the Cold Front by AnnieandChris - beautifully photographed, a stark reminder of how things were and what can become of them
Hill House by Cron, so perfect on its little wooded rocky hillock, this week's house I'd like to live in
Bicycle made for two (or maybe three) by Pictaker - crisp, light-filled and poignant
A Derelict Family Treasure by Connections - a treasured heirloom and a fascinating history - that blue calico dress!
Plaka  by Inverculain - because I love all things Greek and the colours are wonderful
Derelict Thursday  by Biker Bear - another once fine old house, the art deco windows did it for me
Zimmt54 - the gently subsiding but still attractive clapperboard barns and the unexpected extra
Light Fixture  by Osusanna - Miss Havisham must surely have had something similar
Wiil you ...  by Soletrader, impossible to resist this little window with its spotty nets

Many thanks again to SarumStroller for launching such an enjoyable and successful challenge and I look forward to him relaunching it in October.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

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