Never talk with your mouth full!

My mother was very big on table manners. I can still hear her telling me, "Carolyn, never talk with your mouth full!" Now I can see why! Momma Cardinal must not have been as strict on manners as my mother. It doesn't look pretty...but it does make a good blip.

We have reached the end of Easter Sunday. It has been a very full and wonderful day. A very special worship service this morning was followed by brunch with as many of our family members as could get together, including two of our daughters, our oldest grandson, and our youngest granddaughter.  I posted a picture of the group here. Then Bob and I took Gulliver for a walk in the park to round out the day. Although we couldn't get our entire family together today, and we missed those who couldn't make it home for Easter, it was still a lovely day...and it felt like spring.

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