Golden rays

Today was a holiday, I wasn't on call and it didn't rain - most peculiar. In the morning a friend came round for a chat and in the afternoon we went for a bike ride.

It was my first bike ride since my bike had it's service and acquired it's clippy peddles. It's also the first time I've undertaken sustained exercise since taking medication for blood pressure. The ride wasn't too bad in the end - we took it slow and steady and I got round okay, without blowing a gasket. It was very strange really, I have no ability to suddenly increase output so if I need to work harder then nothing happens - but it it's just a case of plodding along then I'm okay, even if it's a decent plod speed.

After the bike ride we had a light lunch and then I watched a few bits and bobs on catchup on the TV. In the late afternoon, before the light failed I popped outside to try a few pictures, and settled on this shot of a pair of daffs, with an insect's bum on display and the setting sun cutting across the frame from the right.

Tomorrow I'm back to work...

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