... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

3 Years of Blipping (Goosles)

See her sticking her tongue out in large!

It had to be a Goosle. 
This is something of a low-key celebration (if you'd like something more dramatic, see Mr. a couple of days ago; that'd have been more apt for today perhaps). I've allowed myself three days of Goosle blips in a row...!

Anyway, the Goosles were just pottering around today and being very peaceful, so a portrait it is. It is probably about right given how quiet I've been on blip... I've finals in less than 2 months, so had better keep my head down pro tem., but (as always) I do look forward to having more time for Blip again.

I very much appreciate the comments and feedback that you leave me in spite of my quietness.

I've uploaded some other quiet Goosle pics to Flickr (right from here).
Urban Goosles
Mr. fussing and Mrs. peering
Original (full colour) version of my blip

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