By carliewired

Making Plans

In the hair salon
A makes some summer plans that
involve these blue shoes!

~ carliewired

It was a day of threads and loose ends.....I made a bit of a late start. I scrambled out the door to buy a microwave. We seem to be short one. I zipped back home to meet A to get her car serviced on the way to the hair appointment. I returned her to collect her car, then I was off to pay for my television cable service. (It was on seasonal hold in my absence, but now its days are numbered...) I rolled up to our new office to collect some mail, make a list of needed items and to discuss a possible venture. I cleaned our new windows in the office. We zoomed out to find some office furniture to replace what we have that no longer fits. We found some blinds that will need adjusting. A second trip to the hardware store secured two anti-surge power bars. I got a refund cheque from our government tax office. (They demanded payment from me in February for something two years ago, now refunded it to me. Makes no sense to me!) I pawned off some used chairs to my eldest daughter. (but she wouldn't take the table!) I finally came home to make dinner - pork chops, rice, grilled tomatoes, mashed turnip and carrots. The temperatures overnight are dropping again, so we removed some items from the trailer and brought them into the house. I found some chocolate bars that were about to go off so we ate them all up. D is much improved. He's hardly coughing at all. It's been quite a busy day. I'm going to bed soon.....

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