Two Monarchs.........

..................One Male and One Female
Today, they opened their wings briefly before they flew off.
I photographed them against the white walls of our house and when I looked at the photos on the computer, I realised there was one of each sex.
The Male butterfly, on the left, has two black spots on its wings
The Female butterfly has none, but her black veins are slightly thicker.
It was going to be a flower photo today, but I want this photo in my journal/tagged series as it shows the different sexes side by side.
Thank you for continuing to look and for leaving lovely comments, stars and hearts. I’m so glad you have enjoyed seeing the different stages of these magnificent butterflies.
As I write, the two previous ‘butterfly’ blips are sitting side by side towards the top of the front page of the Favourites. They wouldn’t have made it there without all of you – thank you, everyone

UPDATE - this really MUST be looked at large and against the dark background.

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