my name is not Liz Imbrie

By LizImbrie

public snoozing

Day 1 of 2 baby free holiday days.  the decision to keep Dexter at nursery this week while I'm off has proven to be a brilliant one. Of course, there's the whole "flat's a building site" thing, but there's also the fact that I haven't had an actual day to myself for months and I didn't realise how much I needed it. 
Popped into work briefly to make a wee present for my cousin who just had a baby, sorted out the moving of large sums of money in order to pay for the above mentioned building site, a lie down on the meadows in the sun, a quick tidy trim at the hairdressers and 2 slow and relaxed half pints over a lunch to myself and a read of the paper in Cloisters. It's been years since I've allowed myself that luxury.
Despite discovering that I have next to no money, I went shopping and bought jeans for me and the most awesome wee outfit for Dex - a ramones t-shirt and denim jacket.  Just like his dad. 

Bathroom update - we have walls and a ceiling.

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