Chinese Lanterns on a Dull Day in the City

That is the common name we give to this flower in New Zealand. The botanical name Abutilons and It belongs to the mallow family.

I am putting my blip up a little early as I have a appointment at the hospital. When I called my GP this morning I was told they were too busy and go to the After-hours Surgery. Still have no voice and it is getting a little harder to breath at times. Luckily I didn't have a long wait. They are not sure what is going on with me. I found out from the After-hours Surgery when they read my notes that the CT scan of thyroid gland showed that it was a odd shape but wasn't growing down into my chest.

The Doctor at the After-hours Surgery rang the hospital and they are fitting me in soon to check me out again!

The Abutilon gets its name from the Arabic word for a type of mallow.  It is native to the tropical areas of both the old and the new world.  The Abutilons we cultivate, however, are chiefly species from tropical America and their hybrids.  Even the untrained eye will recognise the Abutilon’s bell or wheel shaped, prominently veined flower and characteristically protruding style, stamens and anthers as similar to the hibiscus.  Flower colours are white, melon, orange, yellow, light pink, rose and red. There is no blue.

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