Funeral Day

Not the best picture I took, but one of the most precious moments for me. 
Carrying the casket my son on the front left and my husband on the front right. First time for my son to carry that honor.

The funeral was in Kallio Church. "Kallio Church  is a Lutheran church in the Kallio district of Helsinki, Finland. It was designed by Lars Sonck and represents National Romanticism with Art Nouveau influences. The grey granite church, completed in 1912, is one of Helsinki's most identifiable landmarks." (wikipedia) It's a beautiful church inside and out.

It's been a hard day. I can't understand the strength my mother-in-law had burying her mom. I can't understand how I'll ever be able to do that. Just thinking about her pain makes my cry.

Best part is that all my husband's sisters and brother are around for the occasion.

My friend's mom is also buried in this church, so we lit few candles in her memory. She died a year ago.

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