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mixing fabric and paint

 - In my art journal. This page is not complete yet but I wanted to share, as it is, in process! I have to wait for the paint to dry in order to do any more, so you get a peek at it now. ;O )The orangey-pink fabric is part of a new project I just started today to get me back to something I love -working with fabric. I have been thinking about using fabric more, but don't. It is so hard to START new habits sometimes . . .  Then, just as I had completed a couple of journal pages with some fabric woven in I read about The 100 day project. Go there to read about it!! It is for anything you'd like to do, I just chose to do art/fabric as that is what I needed.

It took me a day or two to commit because . .. I was scared. Could I do it? What would be the best choice for me to do? But I kept coming back to this desire I have for doing things with fabric again. I used to do quite a bit and that has faded. I miss it. I decided I would give myself a goal of doing something, anything with fabric every day. I could do something as simple as chose fabrics for my next project, I could do a small bit of sewing, or I could glue fabric into my art journal or sketchbook, I could embroider a stitch or two, cut out a pattern or part of one, sew a dress or a bag or a skirt (or part of) . . . Cut shapes out of fabric, make a fabric quiltie page (I have made many in the past!), rip strips of fabric for projects . . . anything really, just to get me touching and using fabric again. I think 100 days will definitely get me in the groove! 

Now, if you are still with me, still interested in this . . . part of the 100 day project is to post daily to instagram and tag it #The100DayProject so everyone doing the project will all be gathered together. You will find day 1 of my participation inThe 100 day project here on instagram. You can see what my piece of fabric looked like BEFORE I added it to my journal page and added paint! 

Hope you enjoy and maybe are inspired to show up every day for whatever project you might want or need to do. You can follow my progress daily on instagram or my tumblr blog and I have written more about getting started with this project on my creativelenna blog

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