By AH14

mm63 - Water

I went to the river today as it seemed an appropriate place to go in search of my Mono Monday blip on the theme of Water.

This bridge always makes a striking image, so I had thought to perhaps catch its reflection in the water. However, just as I walked up onto it to consider my viewpoint, along came this very under-dressed young man, who rapidly climbed up onto the side and leapt into the air before plunging down into the river below (before he could change his mind, I imagine - this is England for goodness' sake and not yet warm enough for such antics!!!) His young lady watched from the river bank - can't say I blame her for not joining in!

It all happened very quickly and I only got one chance at a shot because he sure wasn't going to do it twice!

Many thanks to notowennewitt for hosting!

Many thanks for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterdays's Sun Setting Over Poole Harbour blip! I appreciate them all and and am doing my best to keep up with commenting!

Day 16 of Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS, the idea being to only post outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

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