Where's BikerBear Now and Flower Friday ..........

 ...... the things I do for blip!!

Blip 7/15

Not only do I travel thousands of miles to meet up with like-minded crazy people but I get up at the crack of dawn to get a shot for my own challenge. 

Walking through Newhall Nature Preserve (a clue to Where's BikerBear Now?) in the early morning silence - not a lot to be seen to be honest - could hear birds but not see them) but came across this beautiful little plant - a White Wild Indigo (native to Kentucky it seems) and a perfect shot for my weekly challenge.  I have never seen or heard of this plant before.
All was going well until I saw a sign that said do not feed or harass the alligators!!   'Gators??????   Where????   Started to get a little nervous and paranoid .... every rustle became a charging 'gator and I scoured the pond for ripples!  You will be pleased to hear I still have all my limbs intact!  Lol 

Back at the hotel and have now noticed that, added to my other "ailments", I now have a serious case of "red arms/red shoulders" with strap marks ...... I saw one splash of sunshine yesterday but it seems it was lurking behind the thick clouds all the time and has got me on the 300 mile drive!!!!!  Unbelievable!  Sunburn on a grey, thick-cloudy day where temps barely reached 60 degrees (F)!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.

The BoBB 2015 officially starts today - YAY!!!!!!!!!
Savannah and locality - you have been warned!!!!

For Flower Friday participants please tag with  .....   FlowerFriday17 ....  so I can find them more easily in the random moments I get to go online - I see there are a few already - thank you.

Watch this space for BoBB photos ..... and reports of fun times :-))

~ Anni ~

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