Kellerøddyssen - Kellerød Barrow

I left work early today - at 2 pm - and decided to take the boys out for an adventure. When I drive to Næstved to visit my dad, I pass a sign towards the Kellerøddyssen (The Kellerød Barrow) and I've often wondered what it was, so today we followed the signs and went there to explore.

It turned out to be a beautiful and interesting place. A huge barrow, where a wealthy stone age farmer is buried. He died from a blow to his head and apparently a stone age surgeon had tried to save his life by performing an operation, but it was not successful, so the farmer died at about 60 years of age. 

Read more about the Kellerød Barrow here!

Read about the man, who is buried there here!

The boys and I really enjoyed our visit there.

When we came back to the car, I had a small training session with each dog, before we finished our afternoon out with a walk in the woods. 

Lots of pictures from our wonderful adventure on Flickr.

Happy weekend, Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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