By AH14

Lemon Slice

Well I've sorted and processed most of my photos from yesterday's trip to London. Unfortunately, I then resized them to 20% ready to upload and forgot to make copies, doh!..... I can't believe  that I could have forgotten something so vital!!! At least I do have all of the originals :)
I did lots of wide angle shots, looking up and down, using leading lines, distortion and foreground interest! There are quite a few I would have been more than happy to blip, so if you've time to browse, you'll find them here! (including one of me with Mum). Had I not been doing the Blipout2015 challenge, I may well have blipped this one!

So today I've returned home and have had little time to spare, so today's blip was a short stop off by the roadside where there were fields filled with oilseed rape, forming bright lemon slices across the countryside.
Needless to say, so much better against the dark background of LARGE!

This is my entry for Flower Friday but also Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS, the idea being to only post outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

Day 20 of Blipout2015

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