If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

A Blipper blipped!

Another fine day if a little cool in the wind.  The wood preserving at the Lodge is finally finished,  After we had finished and had the inevitable cup of tea, we decided to have a trip down the "backside" of the Lake.  By the backside I mean the south side which is the side away from where we normally approach the Lake.

At first we went along to Howtown only to find the spot we hoped to park in was now "No Parking".  So we made our way back to "Verity's".  Just our name for it as a yacht  called Verity was moored there for a good number of years.  Verity has disappeared I hope she didn't sink without trace.

So this is a shot taken in Sharrow Bay of Clickychick eying up possible blips.  She didn't have her wellies with her or she would have been further out into the Lake.

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