The sofa

Congratulations to Flossie and Yorkhull for correctly guessing that a cake was on its way.  It’s Holly’s birthday next week and I was given this year’s theme.  Can you guess it?

I collected my bike first thing after its service and new  back wheel.  They couldn’t find a problem with the front and it hasn’t gone down again so maybe it was user error and I forgot to do the valve up after replacing the rim tape.  I cycled home the flat way and my legs felt tired so I’m glad today was going to be restful.

I spent a fair few hours on the cake, had a supermarket dash half an hour before they closed, gave CJ a little stroll (she’s tired too) and caught up with my photos from the last few days.  

Rich had seen a film called Whisky Galore which is an old black and white film based on the Isle of Barra.  We enjoyed that and the scenery brought back some good memories from our trip but we probably laughed in all the wrong places!

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