Wood anemone

"Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts."
Sigmund Freud

I shall try to keep this in mind when I next have a puncture although Rich was surprised I was quite so placid (resigned, perhaps).  Yep, another.  This time on the new wheel.  I'm fairly certain the lads hadn't put the tube back in properly as it's a real tear right near the valve and the valve locking screw was half way up the stalk.  Nothing on the outside of the tyre.

So, now, I reckon, surely I am due another 5000 puncture-free miles?

It was, however, still a lovely ride.  I waited for Rich to come home and we went out together.  I had a helping hand pumping the last bit of my tyre up too which was a bonus - particularly when we had to do it twice as I forgot that the wheel needs to go back on before it gets pumped up to fit under the brakes!

Little Dog found these flowers fascinating today.  I've looked them up and wonder if it's because of their scent...

'The leaves have a distinctive smell, often described as musky – which may account for one of the wood anemone’s alternative names “smell fox”.'

I've also discovered it's poisonous too so luckily, she didn't fancy a snack!

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