Help me out Mitch!

Mono Monday - Air....
Plan A:  Photograph Jess' macbook 'air' on my hand... hmmm not great:/
Plan B:  Photograph Jess' panda by throwing it in the air.....(best not to get those 2 mixed up!) .... thinking 'airborne'.  Ooops - chucked the panda over my fence into my neighbours' garden.  (Ten minutes giggling to myself... so now I'm gonna have to knock on their door and ask for my panda back... hmmmm) :O
Plan C:  Popped in to see Mitch... Miiiiitch, please will you do a backflip in the 'air' for me for mono Monday????..... OK - sorted - what a dude! :)
Thank you notowennewitt for hosting:)

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