Burns Monument...

I think I've blipped this before but I like the sky all blue with its fluffy clouds so I'm blipping it again.

I think there was a guy from the TV about to do a news report further up the road but I've no idea who he was... I suspect a newsreader only cause that's what he looked like. Bad shoes. Maybe I should watch the local news to see.

I had a brainwave today. I like it when that happens. Makes me feel all clever.

Walked 7.7 miles. I should really go out at lunchtime for a wander to knock it up to 8 and hit the 20,000 step mark.

The other thing I noticed is that my exif data doesn't show up any more. Does anyone know how to switch it on? I looked everywhere but can't see an option for it like we had in the old days...

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