Chuffed to bits

The forecast had not been very good for the weekend but I should know by now not to take any notice of it. OK, We did have a few rain showers and one heavy hailstorm this morning but I blame Mike for that as he was cutting the grass ;)
I thought I might struggle with a blip to celebrate my two years of blipping but we went down to the Point when the sun was shining. Not only did the sea and sky look an amazing blue colour but the dolphins were there , hunting and having fun. We stayed for about an hour watching and enjoying the adult dolphins tucking in to a huge salmon and the baby jumping out giving a wonderful display.
It was windy, very windy and it was hard to stand up as well as keeping the camera straight.

Thank you to everyone for their comments, stars and hearts over the last two years. I did nt realise that there would be such a wonderful community out there. I look forward to seeing all your blips everyday from around the UK and beyond. Looking forward to the future and many more blipmeets :)

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