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By arkensielphoto

St Mary the Virgin Church

We went to Haverhill in Suffolk this morning as I had an eye test booked. This was a very comprehensive test and I do not need my lenses changed. I have purchased another spare set of spectacles in case I break the only pair I have; what colour frames are they? Purple of course. However, the optician did say that I have cataracts just beginning to form and so I have to go back in one year’s time instead of two so that they can check against today’s readings. My eyes are perfectly okay to continue doing everything I do now, so no problems driving or using a computer screen. The thought of cataract operations fills me with dread, although my husband, who has root canal surgery at the dentist without anesthetic assures me that the operations are nothing to worry about!
On 30 March 2015 I blipped St Mary the Virgin Church in Haverhill and said I would blip it again to show the blossom. Clearly no blossom in this picture and it looks a bit like an Ash tree to me! However, I am still blipping it to show the changes. This was taken with my Nikon Coolfix, which makes it difficult to see exactly what you are getting and I could not stand in the same place, as it was market day so that has had an effect too. I chose this picture as it shows the difference in the sky, it was raining heavily at one point and then the blue sky appeared.

After my eye test, we went to the Beehive Centre and purchased our new tall fridge and matching freezer; but we are not having them delivered until next month.

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