Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Just in the last few days, I've noticed that all of the House Finches seem to be paired up now.  Every time I see a female, there is a male in close attendance - if she flies, he flies, if she perches, he perches.  He knows what is expected of him, clearly.  In fact, if you look closely, I am pretty sure she (on the right) is telling him to run and get her some sunflower seeds!

In the ongoing saga of trying to integrate Charlie and Phoebe...I locked Phoebe in the Master bathroom this morning, letting Charlie leave his room to explore the house.  It took him quite a while to leave the safety of his room, but eventually he came downstairs and explored everything, looked out the window, watched the birds, meowed a few times and then finally went back upstairs.  I am going to rig up a screen in the doorway so that they can see each other, but providing a barrier to prevent Phoebe from exerting her dominance over Charlie.  We'll see how that works...

The Clothesline Bistro is booming today - I have suet, seeds and some thistle hanging from it and the birds are coming and going continuously.  The goes between one of our cherry trees and some small pine trees so there is lots of cover for the birds as they wait their turn.  Now, if I can keep some crafty bear from trying to climb out the line, I should be good for the summer.  

Three other shots starting HERE

Gloomy weather today but no rain and the forecast for tomorrow is partially sunny and temps going to the mid-60's.  I'm meeting up with the nature group tomorrow for a walk - hoping we see some warblers!



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