Scouting Mission to the Orari Gorge

After a quick run down to the shop to grab some milk this morning, I decided to carry on for a bit of a scouting mission for future photos.

I carried on around the backroads at the foot of Little Mount Peel, eventually coming to the end of the road in the Orari Gorge.

After clambering down the steep track to the river, I set up my tripod and took this shot looking upstream towards the gorge.

Overnight rain (and snow on the tops) had mean the river was running quite dirty brown, and with some force. I imagine that when the river is lower it meanders a bit more gently through this spot.

Next time I'm here I'll make sure I have my polariser and ND filters so that I can get some silky water. I think I'll do it in a less contrasty time of day too, not easy at this time of year here in the foothills, but possible!

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