Room to Run

When you're a little dog, the world is your oyster...

I met Tess here photographing at Stonebridge, a new client of mine in Geraldine.

She's a boisterous little thing - crazy for footballs and balloons, and occasionally chasing a stray duck or two, should they wander from the safety of the glorious pond here in the gardens.

Not long after photographing Tess the venue, we had a handful of Chinese tourists keen to wander around the garden and take some photos. Like me, they too are heading down to Tekapo over the weekend, so we compared notes in very broken english.  It gave me a great opportunity to take a group photo, and they returned the favour taking a photo with 'the professional'. One of them even called me handsome. Talk about make my day. Either that or she really needs to work on her english!!

Check out the extra photos for produce from the Stonebridge bakehouse. Nom nom,

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