Flood Prevention, Kowhai Stream

It's been yet another glorious day with sunshine from dawn to dusk. 

Daring2Go popped in on her way back home this afternoon (lovely to see her again after her trip south) and we sat outside and had lunch. What a treat at this time of year.

For most of the afternoon our quiet here has been punctuated with the intermittent beep of a reversing alarm from below us down in the bush as heavy machinery cleans out excess shingle from the bed of the Kowhai Stream.

The local residents, the district council and regional council are coming together in a bid to lower the levels to those before the catastrophic 1975 flood. R here on the digger is a local resident (and earthmoving contractor) so he knows the lie of the land pretty well. It will be interesting to see how the stream bed behaves after the next decent rainfall.

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