Struggling ...

... against the wind.

Second last day of this locum position. Everyone turned up to be seen, and I also continued a small piece of liaison with the medical ward, which has been interesting and challenging. 

Out for an evening run along the walkway. I had a photo in mind; the heavy clouds and the setting sun changed my mind as I ran along, taking a series of photos of the sky as the sun became progressively closer to the horizon.

There were a few other foolish hardy souls walking, cycling even running along the walkway, and there was even a small ute. On the walkway!!

It seems that workmen are busy stabilising the rocks piled up from the sand to the level of the walkway to break the force of the waves and prevent erosion. I think it is a planned piece of work, rather than a response to the 4.2 earthquake which was centred 9 km northwest of New Plymouth last night. (I heard and felt it, and decided it is past time to be home!)

A few days ago I was told by one of the staff, that shortly before sunset the seabirds congregate on the land side of Paritutu, and then en masse fly out to the two small islands just offshore, where they spend the night. These Karoro (kelp gull, herring gull or black-backed gull, choose your preferred English name) were flying towards Paritutu and the islands visible on the left of this photo (and at times sliding sideways if not backward). Most times that I have seen them previously, they have been gone quickly. Today I managed this and four or five other photos before they were too far out to sea to make a good photo.

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