It was a struggle to get BB up and out this morning.  He had a meltdown and I felt like I had done a day’s work by the time I dropped him off a breakfast club.  What a boy!  Work was largely taken up with follow up to yesterday’s nonsense.  I popped out at lunchtime for a couple of things and got soaked.  I can’t even remember if it was rain, sleet, hail or snow. 

After badminton BB and I then headed off on a shopping expedition to get him a few things that he needs for going to Cub Camp at the weekend. Of course we got back later than I hoped, had a late tea and then the homework struggle and the day is ending almost as it started - with him being difficult and me being stressed. I am sure TT is glad he is away again!

I tried to get rainbow blip from the car park when we were coming back from our shopping expedition – but I was too slow, so another emergency blip from the garden.  This is Iberis sempervirens, also known as perennial candytuft.

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