By Incredibish

Wide Angle Wednesday : Signs and Symbols

Signs and symbols it said, I reckon that includes portents... and how much more portentous do you want than a skeleton riding a tricycle in front of an abbey? Bath Abbey to be precise.

If you want to be finicky, there's a sign on his trike for "bizarre Bath", and as death he's only missing the cloak, scythe and blazing blue stars in the eye sockets - thank you PTerry for finessing that age old symbol.

Today, as you can see, was once more blue skies - after a damp squib of a shower at dawn. We took advantage of a yule gift from my eldest of tickets to the Bath Thermal Spa, which is the modern version of the old Roman Baths I used to go swimming in as a boy.

The baths now are on several levels, the topmost of which is an open air hot pool with a jacuzzi large enough to swim across. A couple of floors below that are huge steam rooms each scented with different, um, scents. Robes and slippers were included, and we spent a happy few hours there before wandering off for the now traditional picnic.

Making use of the extra photo thing again, outside the Abbey we encountered "Pigeon Paul". I took his picture and then he covered me in pigeons and took mine. I don't think he was familiar with cameras though, so we'll just add him.

Thanks to Chantler63 for looking after WidWed for the next few weeks. Here are the rest of the contenders.

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