By Incredibish

F*** up Friday

Excuse the asterisks. Today was meant to be about a gentle ride, a two year service and a spirited return. All on Morrigan, my 1700cc twin cylinder Triumph Thunderbird. Aside from the service there was some warranty work to eliminate a very slight but annoying coolant leak, which Internet searches revealed was kind of standard for this model.

I borrowed a rather fun little 865cc twin Speedmaster from the dealer, while they were working on my 'bird, but when I got back I found they'd somehow managed to shear off one of the bolts on part of the cooling system, and this was going to be "a problem".

With bank holiday approaching and the prospect of taking out and possibly disassembling her engine, I left the dealership on a Street Triple 675cc - almost the bike I traded Morrigan in for in the first place. You can see a photo of Pumpkin on the wall of the garage beside one of Morrigan.

Not a great Beltane, to be fair. But hey, no-one died in the making of this tragedy. To date.

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