Just For A Change...

Such a lovely morning, sub zero temperatures first thing. What did that mean? Yes, an early trip down to the lake! 

With a packed lunch and a flask we headed off to Carlisle. We had a couple of jobs to do there and looked forward to a free afternoon tea at the garden centre. We got some grow-bags for the tomatoes and a really beautiful gentian.  I bought a tub of double peachy daffodils for the holiday lodge, too.

When I got home I gave my kitchen a shock by moving the contents of two cupboards. Swapping where I keep plates and mugs for where I keep sauces and seasonings. After 33 years in the house I never expected to do this!

The reason for me changing the habits of a lifetime are due to reading a book about the KonMari Method of de-cluttering. In her book, Marie Kondo says we overstock on things if we can't see what we already have. So it makes sense to move fiddly little bottles and packets into a shallow cupboard and put mugs into a deep one.

In the process some things went in the bin. Great!

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