Two years ago Ben agreed to take part in a Department of Education longitudinal study entitled "Our Future - Young people's lives today".  This is the third year that  interviewer Jennifer has paid us a visit.

Since Blipfoto is my own longitudinal study here are my photographic records of the two previous times.


I mentioned to Jennifer that I had tried to contact her last week to change the time of this interview but had not been able to get through.  Seemingly, on her way to an interview in unfamiliar country territory, she got lost and ended up driving her car into a pond....the phone was in her bag on the floor and did not survive.  

I couldn't help but have a giggle at the image but I think she is still a bit traumatised by the event.  I do hope we see her next year - and that Ben remains co-operative since I LOVE this (7-up)  sort of thing.

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