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Day 25/100 days of fabric

I've been moving along with this challenge I set for myself: to play with fabric for 100 days, as part of The 100 Day Project. It's only been a little over 3 weeks and the challenge is already doing what I thought it would, how great is that? I am feeling more comfortable with fabric again, I've been a lot more creative with fabric than I have in a long time . . . and even got some mending done -ha! You can view my entire project as I keep adding to it, HERE on tumblr.

This blip shares my day# 25, one quarter of the way to my goal. I am doing something with fabric every day, usually something small, sometimes a little bit more. In searching through my stash I found this fabric I had printed via scan of a journal page I created. Both are seen pictured here. You can do this design-your-own fabric, online on a site called When I saw this fabric, I knew I had to work with it. The journal page was found & then shared with Steven so I could explain to him what I did when he was asking! I took the photo of the great blue heron myself in 2011 . . . there are a few more photos of the journal pages here.

The fabric "Quiltie" I made is 9" x 9" and was done rather simply, sewing the front printed fabric to a piece of scrap upholstery for the backing with batting in the middle. I also sewed through all the layers decoratively. On my journal page the feather is real and on the quiltie it is reproduced and a bit larger. On the quiltie I also sewed some found fishing net that washed up on the beach when we first moved here. 

It is a bit of work to try to make something every day and take a photo every day and everything else, but I just do my best and don't worry about it! I feel grateful and happy to be able to create and share. Thanks for stopping by! 

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