RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Scenic La Ropa

I realized the other day I have basically been on the road for almost a month - 13 days in Cabo, 7 days in Zihua with friends, and 10 days in Mexico City. It is nice to be home, though we leave for the United States in a week, and enjoying the scenic beauty, like this view at the end of our street, of our mostly deserted town. 

One of the consequences of all the travel is a bit of weight gain. My wife and I decided, over pastries one morning in Cuernavaca (can't imagine why I have gained weight), that we would exercise each morning prior to sitting down with our coffee rather than have the coffee waiting for us when we got out of bed. Kind of a reward thing. What that means to this photo is that I am now either in town (by bicycle) or on the beach (by foot) at a time when the light is good photographically speaking instead of on the patio relaxing with a cup of coffee. Hopefully this new regime will help us shed those pesky five pounds we picked up the past month and result in some more artistic photos.

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