This obelisk is in the middle of a road and next to the Glentanar pub which I used to frequent most weekends before going over the road for a pizza. The pizzeria changed hands so I stopped going, and hence also stopped going to the pub.

Originally I thought this obelisk was just street decoration, then that it was a ventilation shaft for a drain. Looking it up this afternoon I see that it was actually the ventilation shaft for a tunnel that used to carry electric cables. In todays environment I think my original idea was correct, it is a piece of street decoration.

This is not part of my street photography project, though perhaps it qualifies. Instead I was on a walk to boost my steps for the day, which otherwise would not have amounted to much.

Had a fairly late night as I stayed up to watch some of the election coverage. I went to bed when the result was clearly going to be in line with the BBC's exit poll. I think the BBC announced the result of the poll at about 10 minutes after the polling stations closed, and not much changed thereafter.

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