The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Free Fish n Chips!

Oh well after a bitterly disappointing night seeing the election results come in, I may as well have something useful that came out of the whole election campaign. Me and Dawn won free fish and chips from the Crispy Cod last week at the hustings in the Savoy Theatre.

We made it until 4am this morning before we run out of steam. It was always going to be a fascinating evening with the polls being so close, but that who expectation was blown completely out of the water by the exit poll shown at ten o clock, which killed the possibility of a Labour led coalition stone dead. Okay, exit polls have been wrong, and this one flew in the face of every single poll for the previous week, but it came quickly apparent that all the other polls were wrong.

The way SNP took almost complete control of Scotland was predicted, but not the scale that it finally happened. They took all bar three seats, and with a swing to them of over 30% at times, utterly unprecedented. This did not cost labour the election, they failed to even take seats on the first page of their battle ground.

In the end the Conservatives didn't even need a coalition, they have formed a majority government, and this leaves me filled with worry. Their environmental policies spell ruin are ill conceived and fly in the face of scientific research. Fox hunting is back on the agenda, which is truly appalling, the badger cull will continue despite not a single shred of evidence it has done any thing positive, and look our Cormorants, they are coming to get you to appease the fishing lobby!

I shall have to continue to fill out the online petitions and write to my MP's ... it's better than sitting on your hands and accepting the inevitable ... if more people had the gumption to do that .. I suspect the world would be a better place!

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