Tales of the Riverbank

Its been quite a while since I walked along the River Lambourn at the end of the road, so today after the early church service, I stopped on the way home.  I was looking for baby moorhens, but had no joy... 

I was puzzled because as I crossed over the river bridge in the car I'd spotted several birds in the water.  Right at the end of my walk when I was about to go back to the car I suddenly saw movement in the water, and found a family of ducklings.  They were definitely older than the ones at the lake last weekend though.  Pictured in my extra today (but rather blurry as they were ducking and diving!).  There must have been about 7 ducklings all told, but I didn't manage to capture them all...  I will go back another time (maybe I will start my early morning walks again now).

Home to have lunch, mow the overgrown grass patch and then relax for the afternoon on the sofa :)   Still feeling very exhausted generally...

I had a lovely surprise this morning when I discovered that my goslings of yesterday are on the 2nd Popular page!  Thank you so much for all your hearts and stars, and lovely comments :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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