We've had steady rain all day, and I very nearly didn't blip at all. This image of the developing seed-pod of caper spurge was taken just outside the back door after dark, without needing to expose the camera for too long!

This is the first occasion recently that I've actually blipped on the right day. I seem to be busier than ever with work and am wondering whether I can keep up a daily entry. I'm also aware that I never really finished my Desert Island Disc challenge. Freespiral has correctly observed that I wriggled out of actually choosing a book. And Ceridwen pointed out that a flora wouldn't be much use if there were only a few palm trees and some sand on my island, though if that were the case I probably wouldn't last that long. If I can't take a flora I think I would choose a poetry anthology - maybe 'The Nation's Favourite Poems of Celebration' which I inherited from my mother - to remind me that life is good.

I'm not sure that I'm going to be allowed my luxury item either as it has a number of components. What I would really like is a chest of art materials - various types of sketchpads, pencils, brushes, soft rubbers and watercolours - maybe with pastels thrown in for good measure. All through my life I've dabbled in various artistic endeavours, especially botanical drawing, and have even had one or two pen and ink drawings published. Unfortunately I've never really had the time to develop my skills, and a stay on an island would provide an ideal opportunity to do this, and would occupy my mind. And I could record all the interesting plants and insects that I came across - satisfying the scientist in me and providing the basis for a book to be published when I returned home!

The boys and I finally finished our set of music for the street party - over 120 tracks spanning six decades. As Freespiral added a sneaky extra couple of tracks to her selection, I'm going to add Jerusalem by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This is another track that sends tingles down my spine and was an anthem of my youth. Last track the day after tomorrow - still not quite sure what it'll be!

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