Calne: The Head by Rick Kirby (2nd May 2015)

12.5.2015 (0020 hr)

Blip #1569 (#1819 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #011
Day #1865
LOTD #804 (#924 including archived blips)

Calne series
Art series
The Head series

Lens: Pentax 35 mm f2.8 Macro

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Smokey 1738 hr (Friday 1st May 2015)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Lily Allen - LDN
Hi! I'm just wondering have you got any kind of like sort of punky electronica kind of grime kind of like new wave grime but kind of maybe like more broken beats like kind of W broken beats but a little bit kind of soulful, alright kind of drum and bass-y but kind of more broken drum and bass like broken beats but like break beats kind of broken drum and bass kind of... Do you know what I mean? no?
Lily Allen (b. 2 May 1985, Hammersmith) was thirty on this day

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First Welsh Poppy

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